When everyone is trying to preach how to build the dream team and where decision-makers are both hard to reach and nearly impossible to persuade, it’s time for a radically different approach to team building.

Football Field to Boardroom is our prescription for more effective team development: moving from just saying things to your audience to actually doing things managers find engaging, useful, and relevant.

Football Field to Boardroom draws on the remarkable career and insights of Stuart Blyth a leader and senior businessman, who shares the insights, stories, dreams and challenges that great football teams face when they seek championship glory. Working with several coaches Stuart has developed a number of products and services that will enhance your ability to manage your teams more successfully.


Every senior executive of any business is striving to build the best business that they can and every senior executive is trying to build the best team that they can.

So you should care. Football is America’s leading game and you can always learn something from leading experts in their field. Football and business have long been connected to each other; football is a business that revolves around team work, so why not learn something new.


Business has always looked to use football to further its commercial endeavours, but why not adopt some of the top key teamwork principles that help build championship winning teams as well.

Our products and services are practical, from the “how to” playbook book to the training programs and conference solutions.Every user can immediately visualize and identify with the principles contained within the Football Field to Boardroom’s blueprint.

It is like playing fantasy football with your business team. This is not to belittle or demean the team players that you have but more to get yourself and your team to realize that a “square peg in a round hole” for a task is never and I repeat never going to work.
Everyone can visualize a team formation when related to a sports team – so the principles we have put together are all about realizing what is happening in a football team – seeing how the coaches and managers deal with these issues and seeing how you could adopt the same strategy in your business team.

Dream Teams or Nightmares? – An extract from the book

One of our chapters is about deciding how to select your dream team – it sets out the foundation for the principles in the book – it is something that we train as part of our workshop and training camps and when we encourage the delegates to interact with each other over team selection, the delegates learn so much about how others view the same situation in a different way – if you do not know how to select and re-select your team based on “round pegs and round holes” – and then “ best round pegs in round holes” then you will end up with the same frustrations. Top football coaches and managers are dealing with this everyday and are finding solutions for this everyday.

You need to focus with the team on the solution – you need to select then push your team to the limits to find the ultimate solution.


If you want your business team to outperform your competitors and perform to its maximum capability then this book delivers some insight into how you can achieve this.

Why would you not want your team or your business to perform to its maximum?

The days of the happy amateur have long gone; everywhere you turn you can find information on how to be healthier, how to run faster and many other topics, so why would you not devote your best efforts to making your team the best it can be.

As top coaches would always say:

“you cannot just hope to have the best team, you have to plan and practice for this everyday”

Businesses love to be associated with successful teams – not only do they use it in their marketing, they use it for corporate hospitality, but not many boast about having their own best team.

Our programs will show you how to adopt the thinking of top football coaches that will allow you do this.


Everyone wants to work in a world beating team
– everyone wants to be successful!

The book is a blueprint and stepping stone and successfully combines the transformation of football coaching into practical help that the reader can use in the boardroom. Together with some fascinating insights into how top football coaches work with their teams, there is an interpretation and explanation, how you can use these principles in your own business team.

This book is important because the task of building a successful winning team is something that every senior executive would have pondered.

Many would like to know how top managers and top coaches from other industries and markets managed to recruit, maintain and motivate their teams to the best that they can be. Learning from top coaches and managers from the world of football is no different.

It is important to know what happens on a day to day basis and you can only learn this from someone who has “been there, done that” and in this respect the coaches are excellent people to work with as they have this critical insight that allows us to manage better.

There are many Presidents and CEO’s who are fantastic at being the lead person in an organisation, but as of necessity, they do not deal with day to day issues – they leave this to their lieutenants, our programs show you how this done more effectively.

The book and training programs marry these two disparate industry sectors to provide you, the reader or delegate, with a clear and concise insight into what are the things that need to be done in order to create that championship winning team.