Football Field to Boardroom Digital Game

Football Field to Boardroom Digital Game

One of the most exciting developments here in the US is the launch of their digital business strategy  game, this really will revolutionise the way in which business leaders can achieve that Super Bowl success for their own companies.

It really focuses the business mind in a unique and entertaining way on important questions such as:

“ Do you have the right people in your team to win that all important contract”?

“ How would you play those people , and when, in order to achieve ultimate success?”

Using our playbook blueprint the players of the game are taken through a process of leadership,team vision and team selection. This process has been specifically designed to emulate the process that a head coach will follow in deciding which players to start in the game.

Using business scenarios that can be created specifically for your own business initiative using the game will help you decide the most important team management and selection questions.

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As part of our exciting development we really look forward to introducing you to the digital game.

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Football Field to Boardroom Digital Game: Subscription options:

Football Field to Boardroom will be allowing its clients and partners to subscribe to the digital game in a number of ways. Details have been provided below on the subscriptions options that will become available.

If you are interested in learning more about these options or want to attend a webinar to see how this might be of value to you and your business please complete the form below.

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We are also offering a number of enhancements to the subscription packages, please see the table below.