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Playing games reinforces learning. Numerous academic researchers and corporate trainers have proved that games are one of the most powerful and successful ways to reinforce learning in adults. As children we learn through play, however until recently, as we got older we tended to play less and less. Nowadays, it is perfectly acceptable for adults to be playing games and this further validates using games as a method of learning in the workplace.

The idea of embedding academic learning in an entertaining format is centuries old, because it works,” noted Eric Jensen in his book The Learning Brain (Turning Point Publishing, 1995). “Creative presentations afford the opportunity for students to reach social, artistic and emotional goals. But more importantly, in these contexts learning becomes more enjoyable. Learners exercise choice and creativity, and there is a minimum amount of negative pressure.”

Well-designed games encourage active discussions about complex and sensitive issues and are equally effective for communicating simple facts and more complex concepts around organisational structures and collaboration.

Getting it right

The use of a game in these workshops is not a gimmick; there is clear independent evidence that games improve the efficacy of learning and development. Participants leave a Football Field to Boardroom workshops and training with a clear understanding of how to apply what they’ve learned to their day job thus improving the performance of their team.

The game takes the attendee through our playbook process. This process is designed to allow them to test and re-test their team selections through a number of assumptions, arriving at the best possible selection at the end of the game.

Creating the vision using our unique strategy game


With the advance of technology people of all ages now play games on their phone, tablet or computer. We derive such pleasure from these games and apps that they have become all pervasive in our everyday lives. As a result of this we thought it would be fantastic if we could create a game that reinforced not only the lessons learnt in our book but also the lessons learnt during our training programs and consultancy projects.

In a work environment adults enjoy games because they can relax, let their hair down and have some fun. The game format reduces inhibitions and increase enthusiasm and these are the perfect ingredients for a constructive, creative and memorable event. Participants remember information that is tied to these strong emotions.

We use games every day and we see the powerful effect of games in a wide range of learning environments both formal and informal. Participants become excited, they compete, they have fun and as a result they remember more information from the session.

Why we wanted a game?

When devising our training programs we wanted to ensure that our clients and delegates maximised their learning. After considerable research it was decided that an interactive business simulation game based on our core content would be appropriate to assist and reinforce these learnings.

Participation would encourage delegates to fully engage and immerse themselves in the training sessions.

In action

How does the game work for our clients?

The game is an integral part of our overall training programs. It gives our clients and delegates the opportunity to put into immediate practice the principles and ideas that they have learnt in a relaxed, objective, risk free setting.

We have found that this strengthens our core messages and delivers enhanced quality teaching.

What are the benefits to the clients?

Our clients derive significant benefit from using the business simulation game as part of the training programs. Furthermore, the client has an option to customise the team scenarios such that the game is personalised  to their own requirements. This can drive out very specific training outcomes that more closely meet the needs of the organisation.

With some top class delegates

Currently It is only possible to experience our unique game by attending one of our training sessions or engaging us in a consulting project. Please Click here and complete the contact form, please state the nature of the enquiry.

We are very excited to announce that in the Spring of 2017 there will be digital version of our game.

In order to cater for the demand we have received from customers you can now register to be informed of when our new digital version of our business strategy game will be be available.

For you to be kept informed of its availability please Click here and complete the contact form, please specify that you would like to be kept informed and we will let you know when the on-line game will be available.