Football Field to Boardroom –The Playbook for Creating World-Class Business Teams

Would you like to learn how the best people-managers maximize their talent?

Can you identify your star players with the talent to take your company to championship level?

Business owners and corporations have a serious problem; They don’t recognize the talents and abilities their employees possess. They don’t understand how to utilize innate and key personality differences to their advantage, and they fail to personally engage with their employees.

These fatal mistakes are costing US businesses billions of dollars in lost revenues.

Unquestionably, the best people managers are the coaches of  professional sports teams.  They must know everything there is to know about each individual team member in their roster, and the stakes are high. Mistakes will cost them hundreds of millions of dollars.  How to get the very best from each team member, is the expertise of the most successful coaches- and Stuart Blyth, has the playbook  that will make all the difference in the success or failure of your business.


Stuart Blyth  spent 25 years in corporate IT, with  companies such as Oracle, Stellent, and Computron, successfully building business teams that consistently deliver increased revenues.  Stuart has been effectively involved with both direct and indirect sales teams, engaging and training the most talented team members to their maximum advantage.  An athlete and sports fanatic, Stuart clearly sees that effective management skills , prevalent in professional sports, are the missing link in the corporate structure.  His unique training, keynotes, and consulting is a game changer for businesses interested in serious gains and ROI increase.

Stuart is available to speak for; Senior Executives Conferences, Corporate Conferences/events- Entrepreneurial Groups, Small Business Owners, etc.

 Topics for keynotes, workshops, and consulting include;

Football Field to Boardroom- Quick Power Decisions that Impact the bottom line

  • What football coaches can teach CEOs and entrepreneurs about managing people
  • Making the correct draft picks for your business could double your revenue
  • Who’s in your starting lineup?
  • How to identify star players who can lead your business team to victory
  • Mavericks  can make you great- captivate their talent to the advantage of the team