Thank you for your interest in working with Football Field to Boardroom.

At Football Field to Boardroom we are always interested in receiving proposals from individuals or corporations who want to work with us to enhance our joint offerings.

If you are interested in proposing:

  • A project
  • A meeting or retreat
  • Joint venture
  • New product or
  • Business development opportunity

The proposals are reviewed once a quarter and we will contact you once your review has been completed.

Some tips to help you prepare your proposal:

  • We need to be sold on the viability of the project and the potential market. We all need to be reassured with facts and figures that there is a viable market for the project.
  • Be sure that your proposal is brief (maximum 6-10 pages)
  • A committee reviews proposals once a calendar quarter. After our review, we will contact you as soon as possible.
  • We cannot review a proposal that has not been completed.

please complete the proposal form below.