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Media Interviews with Stuart Blyth

As  one of the world’s leading experts in team vision and team building, the media often calls upon Stuart Blyth to comment on how Football Field to Boardroom principles would help corporations make better use of their number one asset: their people.

This Game- Changing Author, will Reveal to Your Audience  the POWER PLAYBOOK that will have a dramatic effect on Corporate Revenues

Stuart Blyth  spent 25 years in corporate IT, with  companies such as Oracle, Stellent, and Computron, successfully building business teams that consistently deliver increased revenues.  Stuart  has been effectively involved with both direct and indirect sales teams, engaging and training the most talented team members to their maximum advantage.  An athlete and sports fanatic, Stuart clearly sees that effective management skills prevalent in professional sports-  are the missing link in the corporate structure.  His unique training, keynotes, and consulting is a game changer for businesses interested in serious gains and ROI increase.  Stuart’s book,

 Football Field to Boardroom, The Playbook for Creating World-Class Business Teams, will be available nationwide, April 2016.

Story Ideas:

  • How watching football plays can make you more successful at work. 3 strategies to watch for
  • 3 Specific plays you can integrate into your personal business for immediate results
  • ”Football Field to Boardroom” strategy game will turn YOU into a Head Coach
  • Expert reveals 5 ways to win the business equivalent of the Super Bowl
  • 3 ways to out- strategize your competition to score big in business
  • 7 ways to turn your business leaders into head coaches
  • Why businesses need a radically different approach to team-building- 3 ways to shut out the competition
  • Are you in the end zone? The disruptive playbook will teach you the 5 essential coaching calls to get you there
  • Are your coaching calls costing your company money? 5 Innovative new years strategies for improved sales calls results

Producers;  Stuart Blyth is a seasoned interview, a knowledgeable, articulate and engaging guest.

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