Stuart Blyth is one of the world’s leading experts in helping business leaders create world-class business teams. He is the creator of Football Field to Boardroom, an innovative and ground-breaking blueprint  for helping businesses achieve championship success.

The number one problem that many business leaders and managers face is the struggle to build or nurture premier teams within their corporations. They often feel that they do not have the right tools , support, training or back up within their organizations to allow them to create the best teams possible in a commercial environment .

At Football Field to Boardroom we can transform your approach to these problems using our unique sports coaching approach. Our revolutionary methodology will help you to think like a head coach trying to win the Super Bowl and will develop the necessary strategies to build and mold your teams into the ultimate game winners.

We use:-

Our highly acclaimed book “Football Field to Boardroom” the definitive guide to making the connection between top sports coaching and business

Our unique business strategy board game, both in physical and digital format that has been specifically designed to map our blueprint into an engaging learning format which you will not find anywhere else.

Tailor made training programs and consulting that have a direct and immediate impact on your business from the time that your first engage with us through the whole program. We aim to ensure maximum positive impact for you and your business.

Our cutting edge coaching adapts and channels elite sports coaching techniques  that will transform the way in which you manage your own business team.

Stuart is an ex sportsman and a highly experienced businessman, team player and leader. His fascination with the unique training methods adopted by top flight sports head coaches led him to study and translate their methods for the business world.

This is a ground-breaking blueprint that you won’t want to miss out on.

Master this approach and it will accelerate your team’s performance.

Three core principles underpin our strategy system:

1.It is the people, rather than the products or the services within an organization, who generate revenues and profits.

2.It is those people who need to be nurtured in order to create world beating dream teams.

3.Dream teams are essential in order for a business to prosper.

Football head coaches are expert people motivators and we are convinced that business leaders can learn a great deal from our in-depth and comprehensive coaching programs. By following our programs   you will discover a process to recreate these exact strategies in your own boardroom.

So why not upgrade your vision and create the perfect team?

By following our exclusive and comprehensive programs we believe that you and your company will be successful in:

  • Creating and sustaining top class teams
  • Empowering each team member to understand their role within the team and perform to their highest potential
  • Developing your managers to be head coaches of your business teams
  • Winning those all important contracts
  • Achieving your highest possible business goals

and most of all, making your business more profitable



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Football Field to Boardroom is already generating significant interest around the USA.

Stuart being interviewed recently at a conference in Irvine,California where our philosophy and strategy were the talk of the conference.

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Most business owners and corporations have a serious problem: they don’t recognize the talents and abilities their employees possess or understand how to use key innate personality differences to their advantage. These fatal mistakes are costing U.S. businesses billions of dollars in lost revenues.

Unquestionably, the best people managers are the coaches of professional sports teams. They must know everything there is to know about each individual team member in their roster, and the stakes are high.

An athlete and sports fanatic, Stuart Blyth Founder and CEO of Football Field to Boardroom clearly sees that effective management skills prevalent in professional sports-  are the missing link in the corporate structure

These successful coaches have a track record of getting the very best from each team player. So how do you do the same within your business. does leading business –Using the  Football Field to Boardroom playbook could make all the difference in the success or failure of your business.

As part of our work whether you read our innovative, eye-opening business book, attend our innovative workshops and training courses or engage with us on a consulting basis you will learn:

  • Why making the correct draft picks for your business could double your revenue.
  • What football coaches can teach CEOs and entrepreneurs about managing people.
  • Why businesses need a radically different approach to team-building.
  • How to out strategize your competition to score big in business.
  • Mavericks can make you great. How to captivate their talent to the advantage of your whole team.
  • Quick power decisions that can propel your company to the next level.

And so much more

Using our techniques and methodologies you will become a better leader and your business will thrive.

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Football Field to Boardroom is a new and unique leadership, management development and consulting company that has created a blueprint for helping leaders become better managers. This blueprint, when delivered by professional enterprises like yours, will help you be more successful with your clients.

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As part of the truly unique experience of working with us, we have developed our own innovative business strategy game based on putting you in the position of being a head coach.

Currently you can only have access to this game when we deliver our ground breaking workshops, training and consultancy programs.

We are now delighted to inform you that in the next few short weeks we are going to be able to deliver this in a digital format.

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Creating the vision using our unique strategy game